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Video is an engaging tool that can entertain at the same time as it informs. Talk to us about how you can create an educational or training video with impact for your company.

Training Video Production

Long or short, training videos are a powerful way to train staff, customers or even the general public in how your product or service operates. Creating effective training videos is a cost-effective way to give the same message over and over again. Do it once, and do it right, then all you need to do is play the video the next time you need to train a group of people to perform a certain task or demonstrate to them an important technique.

Through storytelling and demonstration in a video, you can inform in an engaging way.

Educational Video Production

Video is a powerful way to connect with your audience in a way other mediums can’t. If a picture speaks a thousand words, a video says twenty-four thousand words a second. Talk to Bizflicks.tv about creating an educational video which will deliver an engaging story to your audience. 

We have experience creating many training and educational videos and would love to talk to you about your requirements, and make a product that meets your unique needs.



LIVING STRONG IN GARRTHALALA is a Yolngu film made by Laynha-Health and Yirralka Rangers. Funded through the Get Active ... moreCampaign to promote healthy living, this film keeps Yolngu strong by keeping traditional practises strong.

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Video Production Services

We offer a wide range of production options, here are some of our other video production services offered or view all to see more options.

Product / Service

Promo videos have proven to increase clickthroughs, consumer engagement, and conversion rates. Talk to us about creating a promotional video that will promote a product or service for your organization. Adding video to a website has also been shown to im...  read more

LightKnight Promo Video 2013

Business Profile

Every company or organisation has a great story just waiting to be told… Business Video Profiles are high quality short videos about your business. Promote your company by telling people what your organization stands for, the brands you own and...  read more

Testimony / Case Study

Having someone else tell your story is a powerful way to promote yourself - people are far more inclined to trust the word of a person that is not affiliated with your company or organisation.  Use past, present and future clients who have no agenda...  read more

Online Video Testimony Deborah Kelsall

BizFlicks.tv has produced this online video of Deborah Kelsall giving her testimony of her Hairdresser, from The Hair Ga... morellery in Auckland.

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