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BizFlicks.tv are professional corporate and promotional video production providers. Our passion is professional video production, enabling you to tell your business story... your way through top-quality online videos.

Check out some of our work below, this showcase presents a range of videos that we have created to help businesses all over New Zealand. To see more examples simply reload the page to get another selection of some of our video production work.

If you are ready to find out more about the different types of videos we offer, please visit our Video Products page to see a description about some of the categories we cover, and further examples of each.

Innate Immunotherapeutics

Bizflicks.tv with Simon Wilkinson sharing the exciting developments his company has been working on.


Simon Wilkinson talking about ​INNATE IMMUNOTHERAPEUTICS​ work.

PC Experts Home Office Computer Sales and Service

Bizflicks.tv produced this online video for the team at PC experts who offer a excellent service to customers from all walks of life when it comes to computing.

PC Experts

The great team at PC Experts showcasing there business and the wonderful team who work for them.

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